PVC / Polycarbonate Liner Panel Installation

PVC liner panels are available to enclose insulation to make clean looking, weather tight, insulating envelope. Our liner panels have coordinating flashings, as well fasteners (purchased separately) to maintain liner integrity. WallPro PVC panels and related products include:

PVC Liner Corrugated PVC Greca Polycarbonate Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Polycarbonate Skylight and Sidelight Panels PVC Ag Liner PVC Tough Rib/936 Liner Panels are some of the specific panels WallPro can install for you.


These PVC liner panels are a wide, glossy-finish PVC panel with interlocking tongue and groove joints. It provides protection for any type of wall or ceiling against moisture and chemicals. These panels meet the strict sanitation standards set by the CFIA. They are perfect for food-processing facilities, clean rooms, and anywhere hygiene is essential.


Trusscore’s Wall and Ceiling Board provides industry leading strength and durability that can be installed either vertically or horizontally. It comes in standard 10, 12, 16, and 20 foot lengths and custom lengths are available on request.


DelPro panels provide efficient and stylish finish for walls and ceilings. DelPro can be used in new and retrofit applications. The high quality PVC wall and ceiling panels provide durable cladding, have a strong resistance to colour change and fading and do particularly well in damp areas.

Clean 16

Clean 16+ Liner is a wide, glossy-finish, extruded PVC panel with interlocking tongue and groove joints along each panel edge. It provides a superior aesthetic and easy-to-maintain wall and ceiling finish. Trim accessories are available for perimeter conditions, edges of openings and panel joints to accommodate all your project requirements.

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