Vinyl Wall Coverings: Aquarelle, Wallgard, and Protectwall 2CR

Tarkett manufactures several different types of hygienic vinyl wall coverings that are designed for high-traffic area wall protection. These wall coverings protect walls from shock, impacts, scratches and stains. They are easy to install, easy to clean, and they will reduce long-term repair and maintenance costs by protecting the wall integrity.

Three Tarkett products that we supply and install are noted briefly below. All of these products are similar except for the thickness of the vinyl and color choices. If you are unsure of which product is most appropriate for your application, then by all means, talk to us.


One type of hygienic wall covering made by Tarkett is Aquarelle. This one is available in a big variety of colors and is 0.92 mm thick. It is ISO 4 clean room certified. Aquarelle is an excellent choice for wet rooms, healthcare environments, and wherever an ultra-clean environment is required.

Download the Aquarelle Brochure



Wallgard is a great product for walls in light industrial applications or clean or wet environments that require special protection. It is available in several colors and is 1.30 mm thick. It is ISO 4 clean room certified.

Download the Wallgard Data Sheet


Protectwall 2CR

This Tarkett product is a full 2.0 mm thick. It is designed for scientific, laboratory and clean room applications that need a very durable and forgiving hygienic wall covering. It is ISO Class 1 approved, and it is very resistant to the common assaults like impacts, stains, and scratches.

Download the Protectwall Brochure

We have experience with all of these hygienic wall coverings, and we can help you choose which one will work best for your application and your budget. Hygienic wall coverings make rooms cleaner, easier to clean, and they are cost-effective because they are durable and protect the walls they are covering.


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