Wall Protection


Facilities take a beating. Protection for surfaces like walls and doors is necessary and a fact of life. Acrovyn is a go-to wall protection solution to protect your interior and provide a pleasing aesthetic. Acrovyn offers great-looking wall protection solutions for any interior with a wide range of corner guards, handrails, door and frame protection, crash rails and rigid sheet wall coverings and panels.


Protect walls and doors from wheeled and pedestrian traffic in busy buildings by using Pawling wall protection. The robust and versatile solution offers practical protection in a range of decorative finishes. Pawling also offers a full range of matching joint, edge and corner trims to create a truly professional finish.


From hospitals, schools, commercial kitchens, airports and any active, high-impact area, Panolam wall protection panels are engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. With a wide variety of colours and patterns and multiple finishes available, Panolam wall panels could be the perfect solutions for your next project. Call the WallPro experts today to find out more.

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