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A consistent product that doesn't let you down seems to be a hard thing to find these days. Similarly, a guarantee is not necessarily a promise anymore. That’s a shame and quite frankly not an acceptable way to do business in our opinion. 

At WallPro, our word is our bond. A job is not complete unless it meets our strict standards of excellence and installation specifications. And we back it up with an iron-clad guarantee that we seal with a handshake.

There are a growing number of facilities that require industry-best materials to live up to heavy use, and/or increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Lesser grade substrates or sub-par workmanship won’t cut it. And that’s why we are incredibly selective and demanding with our installation team and with the materials we install.

Hospitals, laboratories, public recreational facilities, and restaurants are just some of the new or retrofitted spaces that require antimicrobial hygienic cladding or other similar wall protection.

At WallPro, we source and place the very best in wall coverings to meet the needs specified by contractors, engineers, architects and business owners.

We look forward to giving you an accurate appraisal and detailed quotation for your next high-quality project. We are confident you will be impressed with our prompt turn around times, friendly and professional crew and flawless delivery, all while meeting or exceeding the strict timelines we agree to. At WallPro we pride ourselves on being efficient and within budget. We will work hard to ensure you are satisfied. That’s our promise!

I would be happy to meet and discuss your next job. My handshake is your guarantee!

shane pilkey

Shane Pilkey, CEO
WallPro Systems Ltd.

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