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WallPro is both a Canadian and a family-run business based in Surrey, BC. With over 15 years of experience supplying and installing wall-cladding materials, we understand what the client needs, and we provide it: on time and on budget.

We offer an iron-clad guarantee on our work that is sealed with our handshake. Our customers always come first, and that’s why we have long and enduring relationships with many of them.

Our business model means that clients will have a no-fuss and no-hassle experience. We make it easy for you to protect your walls and floors because we use a skilled and experienced team of employees who understand what it is expected of them: efficiency, courtesy, and skill.

WallPro has a variety of cladding materials available to suit all of your hygienic-wall needs, depending on the application and your budget. We also work on both small projects and massive commercial projects. We can handle your wall-cladding needs, whatever they are.

We use the finest materials that are up to the task at hand. Our materials are designed to last. They are durable, reliable, and best of all, we guarantee our work and our materials.

With the advent of COVID-19, our wall-cladding materials are more in demand than ever, not just in hospitals, health clinics, laboratory, and commercial kitchen environments, but in research facilities, schools, hotels, and fitness facilities. Hygienic walls are appropriate for any environment that needs to be kept very clean, very easily.

Whether you are building out new space or just upgrading what you already have, we are experienced working with your builders, contractors, and architects. Contact us today, and let us help you make your work area cleaner than ever with the newest technology. With our materials and installation, your wall worries will be over.

A consistent product that doesn't let you down seems to be a hard thing to find these days. Similarly, a guarantee is not necessarily a promise anymore. That’s a shame and quite frankly not an acceptable way to do business in our opinion.

We would be happy to meet and discuss your next job. Our handshake is your guarantee!

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