Altro Whiterock Wall Panels: The Hygienic Gold Standard


Altro Whiterock wall panels are the gold standard for any facility requiring hygienic walls and/or ceilings. The panels are biocide-free, impervious (for an integrated floor, wall and ceiling environment), heat formable, watertight and moisture resistant. The panels are predictably low maintenance reducing cleaning time and related expenses, making them a cost effective solution in all types of commercial environments.

Popular and Recommended Product Line

Altro Whiterock is our most popular and recommended product line. It comes in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit the needs and overall look of any project.

Make a Bold Statement with Chameleon Colors

Use the wide range of Chameleon colours to make a bold statement in your space. Chameleon panels are durable, with a smooth, watertight, wipe-clean surface. The glossy, vibrant colour options are heat formable on site, creating an easy to care for surface that keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.

Altro Whiterock Chameleon Color Options:


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