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WallPro Systems Ltd is THE premier installer of industry-best wall protection.

Our certified technicians install all of our products with precision and care, within specific timelines and on budget. 

Our wide range of wall protection varies from high-impact ALTRO Whiterock hygienic panels and the equaly durable "best in class" Am-Clad Hygienic Systems through to water resistant vinyl coverings and solid surface options.

Architects, general contractors and business owners are utilizing our cost-effective durable systems. Environments that use our wall protection products include: Hospitals and healthcare facilities, research laboratories, Public Facilities, Civic centers, elderly care facilities, the Food and Beverage Industry, and many others.

Let our experienced team of estimators, project coordinators and installers help you complete your next project, and see why our clients love working with us.

Where are WallPro's Systems being used?
Indoor Cultivation Facilities
As the emerging Interior Grow Industry expands WallPro Systems is growing right along with it.
Restaurant Refurbishments
Restaurant Food Prep Areas
Restaurants need sanitary surfaces and walls to keep food safety at a premium.
Commercial Processing Plants
Commercial Processing Plants
Compliant rooms are a must in commercial food processing facilities.
Medical Care Facilities
Medical Care Facilities
When hospitals and other health care facilities need hygienic wall systems WallPro is there.
Full Assist Shower Rooms
Public Recreation Facilities
Public recreation builds need easily maintained wall surfaces that repel moisture and condensation.
University Installations
Educational Institutions
Higher Ed facilities have many public areas that require a hygienic wall, ceiling and floor envelope.
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