Operating Rooms Vancouver

LOCATION: Vancouver, British Columbia

WallPro designed and installed PVC Hygienic walls for an operating room in Vancouver. In this recent project, our staff worked closely with the hospital's team to create a brand new operating room.

WallPro was chosen for this project as a result of our specialty in creating and installing custom PVC Hygienic walls. Our unique anti-microbial cladding is perfect for providing a safe and sterile working environment for staff and patients.

Project Overview

The design team at WallPro met with hospital staff to discuss the need for new walls in an operating room and the requirements for the project. Our team then created a plan that would meet the hospital's needs for a sterile and bacteria-free environment.

It took almost a year from the initial concept till everything was finished, but we could not be more excited about the results. Our team at WallPro was able to achieve the hospitals' needs while also creating a beautiful and functional operating room with WallPro PVC Hygienic walls.

WallPro is proud to have been a part of creating a better, safer operating room for those in need. We look forward to working with this hospital again.

Why PVC Hygienic Wall Panels?

PVC wall panels are biocide-free, heat resistant, watertight, and moisture resistant. Our anti-microbial wall cladding panels are extremely low maintenance, effectively reducing cleaning time and related expenses: Making them a cost-effective solution in all hospital environments.

WallPro uses only the highest-quality wall protection products available. Altro Whiterock, our gold standard product, is our recommended product line. The anti-microbial cladding meets all hospital sanitation standards, and it comes in a wide range of colors and finishes to suit the needs and overall look of any room.

If you are looking for PVC hygienic wall panels for an operating room or any other commercial space, contact us. Our staff will be happy to provide more information about the benefits of our custom PVC wall panels and answer any questions you may have.

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