Health Clinic Langley


WallPro is experienced in working within different sectors, including restaurants and health facilities. As a result, we are often called upon to install sanitation walls for private businesses. For a recent project, WallPro provided Woodwerx Hygienic Wall Cladding to a Health Clinic in Langley. The scope of the project included installing specialty wooden wall panels to meet aesthetic and sanitation needs.

The primary focus of the project was to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs as well as to keep unwanted dust and other particles from being trapped by the panels. Our team installed our special Woodwerx Wallpro panels that are easy to maintain and featured our renowned anti-microbial cladding.

Thanks to its combination of design possibilities and anti-microbial surface, our wall cladding provided a comfortable and clean environment throughout the health clinic.

WallPro Products Keep Health Clinics Clean

For this project, we used our special Woodwerx Wall Panel. The Woodwerx wall panel is stylish, easy to maintain, and resistant to bacteria and dirt. The material stays pristine for years, and because of its smooth surface, there are no crevices for bacteria and mold to develop.

The Health Clinic Langley is a project close to our hearts, as it required special care and close communication. The planning stage took ample amounts of time as we focused on understanding their needs, requirements, and vision.

However, it was all worth it, as the end result was that WallPro helped this Health Clinic achieve an open and inviting atmosphere by installing specialty wood wall panels that meet both aesthetic and sanitation needs.

See the photos below for a short preview of our work.

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