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LOCATION: Princeton, BC

Cultivating cannabis indoors is a complex science that requires the perfect humidity, moisture, temperature, and lighting to grow a healthy batch of crops.

PVC Wall Panels help cannabis facilities control all of these conditions and provide safe, clean, and sterile growing environments for their crops.

How are Hygienic Wall Products Being Used in Cannabis Cultivation?

PVC Wall Panels are being used in cannabis cultivation facilities to create a fully enclosed growing environment – allowing only the right amount of light, humidity, and moisture to reach each crop. Some of the benefits of PVC wall paneling versus other forms of wall paneling are:

Fire Safety

PVC Wall Panels are made with a fire retardant thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for extra safety in the event of a fire. The panels also offer an anti-static feature that prevents static electricity from sparking an electrical fire.

Light Reflection and Retention

A significant benefit of using PVC Wall Panels in a grow facility is the amount of light that the panels reflect. The panels help retain light and maximize growing potential by reflecting more than 80% of the available light from grow lamps back onto the plant.

Low Maintenance Costs

PVC Wall Panels require minimal maintenance when compared to a grow room's traditional walls. The panels provide a bacteria-free environment that helps prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus.

PVC Wall Panels are lightweight and durable; they almost remain effective for up to 20 years. Cannabis Cultivation facilities with PVC wall panels have little to worry about regarding future maintenance.

WallPro Is the Perfect Partner for Cannabis Cultivation

WallPro has a wide range of products that will benefit cannabis cultivation facilities. Our goal is to maintain an environment that provides the most ideal conditions for the growth and maintenance of the cannabis crop.

We helped one of our clients achieve this, as seen in the photo gallery below.

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