Why Hygienic Walls Are More Important Than Ever During COVID-19

April 20th, 2020 | in Hygienic Wall Systems
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COVID-19 pandemic is an emerging virus for which people have no immunity and there is no vaccine yet. This killer disease causes respiratory difficulties to human beings. At the time of this writing, currently over 2,400,000 people have been infected worldwide. 

One crucial measure to battle COVID-19 is by using a hygienic wall. This is a nonpharmaceutical measure introduced to mitigate the spread of this disease.

How does a hygienic wall help?

Hygienic walls have no grouted lines or porous parts, so they are easier and faster to clean. This saves time, money, and lives.

We don't know exactly how long COVID-19 can remain viable on different surfaces--it's anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Preventing the spread of microorganisms is critical for hospitals and health centers. Hygienic walls play a big role in the healthcare industry because they perform at the highest standards specifically in matters dealing with hygiene.

Whether it is in dispensaries, clinics, or hospitals hygienic walls maintain a healthy working environment which reduces the transmission of harmful viruses.

A hygienic wall creates a cleaner environment for patients and healthcare workers. We know from COVID-19 that in Italy, for example, there is a high infection rate among healthcare workers.

The hygienic wall can save money and time while enabling the upgrade of hygienic levels across a working environment. 

The installation of hygienic walls is important anywhere that high levels of cleanliness are required, not just in hospitals. Kitchens, bathrooms, and even backsplashes in kitchens would benefit from hygienic wall coverings or claddings.

This is our business. If you want to improve the hygiene in your facility, we can help with hygienic wall systems.

Wallpro, based in Surrey, BC, provides and installs specialized wall coverings to meet stringent standards for sterile or hygienic purposes. If you have any questions about this article or would like to talk to us about specialized wall systems for your business, please call us at (778) 997-8248.

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