Why Are PVC Panels the Best Choice for Food-Grade Processing Facilities

PVC Panels the Best Choice for Food-Grade Processing Facilities

Food processing areas require safety and proper hygiene in every single step. Selecting the building material for indoor walls is one of the crucial steps that a facility owner should consider. In food-grade processing zones maintaining a high level of hygiene and keeping contamination at bay is the key at all times.

The material selected should have the following characteristics.



-Low maintenance

-Easily to be washed

-Resistant to fire

-Resistant to mould formation and bacterial contamination

Reasons to choose PVC panels

PVC walls meet all of these criteria and are a great choice to be used in food processing places compared to other materials, such as ceramic tiles. They can be used on ceilings and walls in dedicated food processing areas.

These types of panels are very easy to clean and have no nooks and crannies were microorganisms can hide. They are ideal for any area which has to maintain a strict-hygiene environment.

PVC panels will be waterproof and chemical resistant. This makes clean up fast and easy.

What’s not commonly known is that PVC panels are also very hard wearing and resistant to abrasions or damage. They have a very long-lasting surface that will stand up to repeated cleanings with disinfectants.

There is a good reason why PVC is used regularly as a wall covering where hygiene is critical such as hospitals and laboratories. Food processing areas including commercial kitchens are just another great application of this cost-effective product.

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