What is a Temporary Hygienic Wall Configuration?

December 31st, 2021 | in Temporary Hygienic Walls
What is a Temporary Hygienic Wall Configuration

A temporary hygienic wall is a modular wall designed for convenience and hygiene. The modular nature of these walls allows them to be deployed and removed with ease.

Furthermore, unlike other wall panels, hygienic walls contain a special antimicrobial coating. This coating prevents germs from latching onto the wall and effectively quells the spread of bacteria.

What Are the Potential Configurations of a Temporary Hygienic Wall?

Temporary hygienic walls provide endless configuration possibilities. A temporary hygienic wall often consists of a single wall panel. You can use this panel to partition a space, such as a waiting room or a hospital bedroom.

Additionally, you can connect individual hygienic wall panels. Doing so will multiply the width, height, and weight of the entire wall. Connect panels to create L-shape, U-shape, and zig-zag configurations.

Temporary hygienic walls from Wall Pro all meet the following criteria:

  • Each temporary hygienic wall consists of a single wall panel.
  • The panel is 60-inches wide and 80-inches tall.
  • A single panel weighs a total of 50-pounds.

You can adjust our temporary hygienic walls with ease to suit the needs of your space.

How Can a Temporary Hygienic Wall Be Applied?

A temporary hygienic wall offers many useful applications. Some of the most common applications include waiting room and hospital room partitions. Additional applications include school classroom dividers and inside care home bedrooms. The demand for hygienic walls continues to rise as more and more industries place a premium on sanitation.

To learn more about hygienic walls, contact us today.

Wallpro, based in Surrey, BC, provides and installs specialized wall coverings to meet stringent standards for sterile or hygienic purposes.

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