What Is a Hygienic Wall?

December 26th, 2019 | in Hygienic Wall Systems
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A hygienic wall: Benefits and Reasons to Install

A hygienic wall is a specialized wall covering. It can go over tiles or drywall, and it offers plenty of benefits. This kind of a wall has a lower maintenance cost and can be wiped off and cleaned easily because it's continuous and doesn't have seams that collect dirt. It's designed for spaces that need to be kept ultra clean.

A hygienic wall does not crack easily like the tiles and is impact resistant. The hygienic wall has been recommended by environmental health specialists as a means to provide a healthy and sanitary working environment.

The kind of cladding in a hygienic wall creates a completely smooth surface that is free from joints, removing any places where bacteria may hide.

According to the research that has been done by environmental scientists it shows that hygienic wall coverings are in high demand in any workplace in which sanitary requirements are paramount, including commercial kitchens, hospitals, and dental practices.

Reasons to Install a Hygienic Wall

-Protecting the lives of individuals is vital to the progression of the healthcare industry. Having a hygienic wall reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses. As a result, they are popular in hospitals, veterinary surgery, and any specialized medical or research center.

-Hygienic walls are cost-effective

A hygienic cladding solution can be installed over any existing wall. This will save your money on reconstructing your working spaces to get a solution. The hygienic wall maintains protection for longer than standard tiles.

-The hygienic wall gives enhanced sanitary protection

Hygienic walls have no porous or grouted areas that can harbor bacteria or other microorganisms. This means that this wall upholds its protective barrier for longer, and is easier to clean compared to tiles and traditional walls.

-The hygienic wall is easy to install

The hygienic wall can be installed straightforwardly over the walls. This makes it faster and easier for the installers to make measurements and complete their necessary work.

Hygienic walls are our business. Talk to us if you need more information about hygienic walls.

Wallpro, based in Surrey, BC, provides and installs specialized wall coverings to meet stringent standards for sterile or hygienic purposes.

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