Typical Installation Process for PVC Wall Liner Projects

September 28th, 2020 | in Hygienic Wall Systems
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PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a highly versatile material that has found use throughout our homes and lives. It’s strong, long-lived, and stands up well to water.

As a wall liner, it’s affordable and relatively friendly for DIYers. When it comes to installation, the typical process will involve screwing, stapling, or gluing the panels into place and finishing with trim.


The adhesive option is straightforward and quick but is hard to reverse and only works when wall panels are being applied directly to drywall or another solid surface. In this process, panels are glued to the backing surface, and the subsequent panel joins to it with a tongue and groove joint.

Screws or Staples

The mechanical fastener option is the more common method, and it works for application to timber studs or drywall. If the panels don’t correspond to the gaps between studs, it may be necessary to construct supports between them. One panel’s lip is screwed or stapled to the wooden framework, and the next panel gets fitted in and similarly fastened down. If it ever becomes necessary to remove the panels, this method allows for much easier take-down.


PVC wall liners typically have associated flashing and trim pieces applied afterwards to beautify corners and neaten up the joints where panels meet other surfaces. This helps to produce a modern, clean-cut look.

A Note on Waterproofing

One of the many useful properties of PVC is to resist water, and although PVC panels are themselves waterproof, the joints where they meet are not. If it’s intended that the area will see a lot of moisture, it’s advisable to lay a bead of silicone into the track of each panel before fitting it into the next one.

Where waterproofing walls is critical, leaving the installation to professionals is a good idea.

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