Specialty PVC Panels – What Are The Benefits?

August 31st, 2023 | in PVC Liner Panels
Specialty PVC Panels – What Are The Benefits?

In every establishment, be it a modern restaurant, a bustling office, or a busy hospital, the walls play an integral part in setting the tone and feel of the space. A great wall covering provides protection, exudes charm, and further enhances the appeal of your premises. This is where specialty PVC panels come into play, offering two unique wall treatments — Woodwerx and Bodaq Interior Film. These products strike the perfect balance between decoration and durability. Let's take a closer look.

Making a Statement with Woodwerx Panels

Woodwerx panels deliver a certain richness and texture that can truly set your project apart. This unique product offers the sophistication of real wood in the form of a decorative wall panel. It is available in an array of designs and textures that allow you to customize the appearance to suit your specific taste.

Transform a corporate office into a haven of chic design, add a homely touch to your street café, or imbue a residential space with character. Woodwerx is capable of blending nature-inspired aesthetics with superb protection, thus effectively transforming any space.

Taking Innovation to New Heights with Bodaq Interior Film

When it comes to diversity, resilience, and cost-effectiveness, Bodaq's interior vinyl films have redefined the game. With over 450 design options, Bodaq offers the freedom to restyle and personalize your spaces — a clear reflection of your aesthetic ideologies.

Plus, its easy-to-clean and low maintenance makes it suitable for various sectors. From high standards of hygiene in healthcare facilities to high-traffic areas in hospitality and retail environments, Bodaq offers practical design options that morph as fluidly as your needs.

Level up your regular wall coverings to an offering that's durable and eco-conscious with Woodwerx and Bodaq Interior Film.

WallPro, based in Surrey, BC, provides and installs specialized wall coverings to meet stringent standards for sterile or hygienic purposes.

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