How Long Do Hygienic Vinyl Wall Coverings Last?

April 29th, 2023 | in Hygienic Wall Systems
How Long Do Hygienic Vinyl Wall Coverings Last?

Hygienic vinyl wall cladding has become much more common in recent years thanks to its powerful anti-microbial coating that prevents infection and mold from occurring. Because of COVID-19 hygienic vinyl wall cladding has spread from solely being used in hospitals to finding its way into gyms, restaurants, and even movie theatres. 

In addition to its anti-microbial properties, many businesses opt for hygienic vinyl wall coverings due to their long-term durability. Vinyl wall covering has a minimum life span of 15 years, which greatly outperforms a vinyl wrap or paint job. Although 15 years is the generally expected lifespan, vinyl wall cladding can last much longer depending on the manufacturer and maintenance consistency.

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