How Does Hygienic PVC Paneling Compare to Ceramic Tiles for Food Safe Environments

How Does Hygienic PVC Paneling Compare to Ceramic Tiles for Food Safe Environments

In the world of food-safe environments, hygiene and safety are paramount. While most businesses are focused on the sanitation methods of transportation, they often overlook the sanitation of their storage environment. This extends beyond the equipment used and into the structure of your premises.

Restaurants and manufacturers have traditionally opted for ceramic tiles because of their accessibility and affordability. However, ceramic is often porous, meaning it can absorb moisture and bacteria and become a breeding ground for harmful airborne particles, which can get into your food products.

Because of this cross-contamination potential, more and more businesses are outfitting their premises with hygienic PVC paneling.

Hygienic PVC Paneling Offers Unmatched Protection

Hygienic wall panels are constructed from PVC, offering a smooth, porous-free surface. This absence of holes reduces gathering points for dust, bacteria, and mold, making it an essential choice for food prep and processing areas. 

Another point where hygienic PVC paneling outshines ceramic tiles is in durability. These panels are inherently resistant to impacts, scratches, and constant wear and tear. Picture a bustling kitchen environment with utensils flying and pots banging - a ceramic tile wall could crack or give in to chipping. Repairs can be costly, disruptive, and pose additional hygiene risks. However, with a PVC hygienic wall, your kitchen stays protected.

With PVC paneling, you've got a durable warrior that's not only robust but also maintains its hygienic properties even after heavy use. 

As you can see, hygienic panels are better suited for food environments because of their sanitation and durability benefits. If you are curious about incorporating hygienic PVC wall panels into your food-grade facility, work with the WallPro team today.

WallPro, based in Surrey, BC, provides and installs specialized wall coverings to meet stringent standards for sterile or hygienic purposes.

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