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Protection for surfaces like walls and doors is necessary is necessary in many industries. PVC wall protection systems protect surfaces from physical damage while also providing a durable barrier to harmful chemicals. PVC wall protection systems also protect walls and stop the spread of germs, very important to the healthcare, food processing, and other industries.

This is a collection blog articles articles focusing on PVC wall protection systems used in a wide variety of industries and commmercial settings. Topics and frequently asked questions range from what to look for in a commercial wall protection system, to how wall protection systems save industries money, and what kind of life expectancy to expect.

It may sound surprising to some, but walls are one of the most germ infected surfaces in an entire building. These surfaces are rarely cleaned, constantly touched, and sometimes have crevices that are perfect for bacteria.
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One of the most important aspects of a commercial building is the structure. Maintaining the structural integrity of the interior walls is paramount to ensuring a robust and fortified structure.
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PVC wall protection systems are versatile and protective surfaces that can be installed quickly and efficiently. PVC wall systems are sought after because they help withstand physical damage while also providing a durable barrier to harmful chemicals
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