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Protection for surfaces like walls and doors is necessary is necessary in many industries. PVC wall protection systems protect surfaces from physical damage while also providing a durable barrier to harmful chemicals. PVC wall protection systems also protect walls and stop the spread of germs, very important to the healthcare, food processing, and other industries.

This is a collection blog articles articles focusing on PVC wall protection systems used in a wide variety of industries and commmercial settings. Topics and frequently asked questions range from what to look for in a commercial wall protection system, to how wall protection systems save industries money, and what kind of life expectancy to expect.

Exploring Water-Resistant Vinyl Coverings for Wall Protection – Is There a Best Option? See if the Aquarelle could be the perfect fit for your wet room.
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Wondering How to Choose the Right Wall Protection System for Your Food Processing Facility? Read this helpful article from WallPro for the top considerations.
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PVC wall protection systems are cost-effective solutions for facilities looking to protect their walls from bacteria build-up and physical damage. Read more here.
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