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Articles Looking at industry application of wall protection systems

Wall protection systems fortify the exterior of walls, edges, and doors around a facility. PVC surfaces mean they can be easily sanitized, providing another layer of protection. They are therefore an important addition to a wide array of industry facilities. These blog articles look at some specific industries and their use of hygienic PVC wall protection systems, inlcuding the restaurant and food services and healthcare industries.

WallPro's own projects have included PVC walls and protection systems in health care clinics, operating rooms, cannabis cultivation facilities, seniors housing, medical facilities, and care facilities.

Wondering How to Protect Your Facility’s High-Impact Area Walls? WallPro recommends these two incredible products to protect edges, doors, walls, and more.
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One of the most important aspects of a commercial building is the structure. Maintaining the structural integrity of the interior walls is paramount to ensuring a robust and fortified structure.
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When people say food-grade PVC wall panels, they are referring to a specialized form of durable and hygienic antimicrobial cladding. Food-grade PVC walls are often required for restaurants, hospitals, and other industries that demand the highest leve
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