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Hygienic walls contain a specialized type of PVC cladding. This cladding makes hygienic walls resistant to bacteria and easily cleaned. This is a series of blog articles focusing on hygienic wall systems. They include looks at their use accross a variety of industries, including healtcare and food/restaurant. Some answer frequently asked questions like what makes hygienic walls hygienic, types of local businesses that benefit from their use, and why expert installation important.

PVC wall protection systems are cost-effective solutions for facilities looking to protect their walls from bacteria build-up and physical damage. Read more here.
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Can Hygienic Cladding Systems Be Installed Over Any Existing Wall? Yes, as long as you examine your existing wall according to the criteria in this blog.
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It may sound surprising to some, but walls are one of the most germ infected surfaces in an entire building. These surfaces are rarely cleaned, constantly touched, and sometimes have crevices that are perfect for bacteria.
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