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Hygienic walls contain a specialized type of PVC cladding. This cladding makes hygienic walls resistant to bacteria and easily cleaned. This is a series of blog articles focusing on hygienic wall systems. They include looks at their use accross a variety of industries, including healtcare and food/restaurant. Some answer frequently asked questions like what makes hygienic walls hygienic, types of local businesses that benefit from their use, and why expert installation important.

When people say food-grade PVC wall panels, they are referring to a specialized form of durable and hygienic antimicrobial cladding. Food-grade PVC walls are often required for restaurants, hospitals, and other industries that demand the highest leve
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Hygienic walls are one of the most underappreciated inventions in recent years. They are vital in the medical, construction, pharmaceutical, and food service industries. But what makes them hygienic?
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COVID-19 has caused many of us to re-examine the cleanliness of spaces around us and place higher importance on properly sanitized surfaces. Although the strictest lockdowns caused by the pandemic seem to be ending in BC, it is likely that the import
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